Antarctic automatic weather stations

A chronological list of automatic weather stations that have been deployed in the Antarctic and on the sub-Antarctic Islands

See-also the AWS list from the AWS project at Antarctic Projects Home Page of U Wisconsin.

Operating countryLatitudeLongitudeElevation (m)Period of operation
Asgard8908USA77.6 S160.1 E17501980-82
Byrd89324USA80.0 S119.4 W15301980-88
D1089832USA66.7 S139.8 E2431980-
D17-USA66.7 S139.7 E4381980
Dome C II89828USA75.1S123.4 E32501980-82 1984-
Ferrell89872USA77.9 S170.8 E451980-
Manning8905USA78.7 S166.9 E661980-85
Marble Point89866USA77.4 S163.7 E84 1980-
D578916USA68.1 S137.5 E21051981-87
Jimmy8911USA77.9 S166.8 E2001981-82
Laurie8910USA77.5 S170.1 E231981-85
Meeley8915USA78.3 S170.2 E491981-85
D4789834USA67.4 S138.7 E15601982-90
89762Australia68.7 S61.1 E18301982-
Siple89284USA75.9 S84.0 W10541982-92
Whitlock89865USA76.2 S168.4 E2751982-
D8089836USA70.0 S134.9 E25001983-
Nancy8908USA77.9 S168.2 E251983
Windless Bight8918USA77.7 S167.7 E401983-85
172.5 West8923USA78.3 S172.5 W421984
Arrival Heights8909USA77.9 S166.7 E2021984
Byrd Glacier8921USA80.0 S165.0 E751984
Fogle8909USA77.8 S166.7 E2021984-85
GC41 (Radok)89813Australia71.6 S111.3 E27611984--
GC46 (P Schwerdtfeger)89805Australia74.1 S109.8 E30961984-
Inexpressibl Island8922USA74.9 S163.6 E801984
Manuela89864USA74.9 S163.7 E801984-
Marilyn89869USA80.0 S165.1 E751984-
Martha I8923USA78.3 S72.5 W201984-86
Tiffany8911USA78.0 S168.2 E251984-85
A028 (Loewe)1170Australia68.4 S112.2 E16221985-90
Gill89376USA80.0 S178.6 W551985-
Larsen Ice Shelf89262USA66.9 S60.9 W171985-
Schwerdtfeger89868USA79.9 S170.0 E601985-
Allison8900USA89.8 S60.0 W28351986-87
Bowers8909USA85.2 S163.4 E20901986
Butler Island89266USA72.2 S60.2 W911986-
Clean Air89208USA90.0 S0.0 W28351986-
Elaine89873USA83.1 S174.2 E601986-
GF0889803Australia68.5 S102.1 E21231986--
Law Dome Summit89811Australia66.7 S112.7 E13661986-
Lettau89377USA82.5 S174.4 W551986-
USA89.9 S45.0 E28351986-87
Uranus Glacier89264USA71.4 S68.9 W7801986-
Buckle Island8928USA66.9 S163.2 E5201987-88
Dolleman Island8917USA70.6 S61.0 W3961987-88
Martha II89374USA78.4 S173.4 W181987-92
Scott Island89371USA67.4 S180.0 W301987-
Lynn89860USA74.2 S160.4 E17721988-
Shristi89862USA74.7 S161.6 E12001988-92
Sushila8921USA74.4 S161.3 E14301988-91
Cape AdamsUSA75.0 S62.5 W251989-92
Mt Erebus8911USA77.5 S167.1 E37001989-90
Pat8931USA74.8 S163.1 E301989-90
PegasusUSA78.0 S166.6 E501989
Racer Rock89261USA64.1 S61.6 W171989-
Sandra89861USA74.5 S160.5 E15251989-94
Cape Denison8907USA67.0 S142.7 E311990-
LGB1089758Australia71.3 S59.2 E26201990-
Pegasus North89667USA77.9 S166.5 E101990-
Port Martin89643USA66.8 S141.4 E391990-
AGO-A77USA77.5 S23.7 W15451991-
Casey Airstrip89810Australia66.3 S110.8 E3901991-
LGB2089757Australia73.8 S55.7 E27411991-
Linda89769USA78.5 S168.4 E501991-
Minna Bluff89768USA78.6 S166.7 E9201991-
Pegasus South8937USA78.0 S166.6 E101991-
Young Island89660USA66.2 S162.3 E301991-
Bonapart Point89269USA64.8 S64.1 W81992-
Mount Howe89349USA87.3 S149.5 W24001992-93-
Mount Siple89327USA73.2 S127.1 W2301992-
Possession Island89879USA71.9 S171.2 E301992-
Willie Field8901USA77.9 S167.0 E401992-
AGO-A8189705USA81.5 S3.7 E24101993-94 1996-
Henry89108USA89.0 S1.0 W27551993-
Kelly8921USA89.0 S179.6 W29501993-94
LGB3589568Australia76.0 S65.0 E23421993-
Lindsay8986USA89.0 S89.9 W28151993-94
Nico89799USA89.0 S89.7 E29351993-
Penguin Point89847USA67.6 S146.2 E301993-
AGO-A80USA80.7 S20.4 W12001994-
Brianna21362USA83.9 S134.1 W5491994-
Cape Webb8933USA67.9 S146.8 E371994-
Doug21359USA82.3 S113.2 W14331994-
Elizabeth89332USA82.6 S137.1 W5491994-
Erin21363USA84.9 S128.8 W10061994-
Harry21355USA83.0 S121.4 W9451994-
LGB4689577Australia75.9 S71.5 E23521994-
LGB5989774Australia73.5 S76.78 E25371994-
Recovery Glacier8932USA80.8 S22.3 W12201994-
Santa Claus I8910USA65.00 S65.7 W251994-
Sky Hi8917USA75.0 S70.8 W13951994-
Sutton8939USA67.1 S141.4 E8711994-
Theresa21358USA84.6 S115.8 W14631994-
J C21357USA85.1 S135.52 W5491994-
Dome F8982USA77.3 S39.7 E38101995-
Limbert8925USA75.4 S59.9 W401995-
Relay Station89744USA74.0 S43.1 E33531995-
AGO-A848932USA84.4 S23.9 W21031996-
D-5721360USA68.2 S137.5 E21051996-
Cape King7351Italy73.6 S166.6 E163?
Cape Philips7379Italy73.1 S169.6 E550?
Cape Ross89666Italy76.7 S163.0 E143?
Drescher89214Federal Republic of Germany72.87 S19.03 W20?
Enigma Lake7354Italy74.7 S164.0 E210?
Filchner89258Federal Republic of Germany77.08 S51.22 W20?
Hi Priestley Glacier7355Italy73.6 S160.7 E1980?
Nansen Ice Sheet7350Italy74.8 S163.3 E50?
Priestley Glacier7352Italy74.3 S163.2 E640?
Terra Nova Bay89662Italy74.7 S164.1 E88?
Tourmaline Plateau7356Italy74.1 S163.4 E1700?

This information was compiled from information in the annual publications on the USA AWSs 1985 onwards and the planning documents for the SCAR FROST project.


The four digit AWS numbers are the identifiers used by SERVICE ARGOS. Over the years different AWSs have used the same identifier and occasionally one AWS has had different numbers during its period of operation. Some AWSs have five digit WMO numbers if the data have been put onto the Global Telecommunications System.

Document produced by W. M. Connolley from information supplied by J. Turner & J. C. King.