Explanation of headings in the METLOG output

The following is an explanation of the terms appearing in the METLOG standard output.
Stat.  - station identifier (generally 89xxx for Antarctic stations, eg Halley is 89022)
YY     - Year (2 figures)
MM     - Month
DD     - Day (of month)
HH     - Hours (24 h clock, GMT)
Latitu - Latitude
Longitu- Longitude
P(sta) - Surface pressure at the station. Not reported by ships.
P(red) - Surface pressure reduced to mean sea level. Warning! Some stations (eg Vostok) may report reduced to 700 hPa to confuse you.
Dir    - Wind direction
Spd    - Wind speed (Note: in m/s. Often converted from knots in the message)
Tempe  - Temperature
Dew T  - Dew temperature
HR%    - relative humidity (in %)
H_vis  - Horizontal visibility (in m)
WW     - Present weather
ww     - ?past weather?
CC%    - Total cloud cover in % (converted from octas in the actual message)
ClL    - Low cloud (types, not %: see a WMO manual)
ClM    - Medium cloud (ditto)
ClH    - High cloud (ditto)
CBase  - Cloud base

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