Decoding GTS data

The GTS met. reports are encoded according to WMO standards. The coding is primitive, inefficient and poor at detecting errors but we're all stuck with it since it evolved in the days of typing stuff in by hand. Ho hum.

The hourly files are run through a Perl script that decodes the messages into human-readable form. From here the data is entered into our Oracle database, and also the most recent report from each station is saved to a file.

Here is an example message from our Halley station:

and here is the [partial] decode:

You are welcome to look at the perl script that does the SYNOP decoding. Usual disclaimers apply if you try to use it. The code for SYNOPS is described in the WMO manual on codes; the SYNOP section is available from Dave Wheeler at his Fair Isle Weather Station page. He also has the BUOY (FM 18-IX) code. To decode TEMPS, see here.

More info on perl scripts to decode met data from here.

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