Antarctic Buoys

The pictures below (click for a larger version) shows the buoy data we have between 1995 and 1999. Each dot is a report; they are colour coded by month as shown on each plot.

We have older data too, but I haven't got around to processing it yet... also 1995, 6, and 7 are patchy. I'm not sure why.

This data extracted from the metlog table get_perl_zbuoy.

If you are interested in buoys, you may care to visit the WMO/IOC Data Buoy Cooperation Panel Server, which has various useful bits of information, including a map of the distibution in the Antarctic Area, though not necessarily very up-to-date.

Year by Year

Click on the YYYY to get the data file for the year.






Created: 18 March 1997, by WMC