Iceberg names

The following was contributed by Douglas R. MacAyeal to the IGS mailing list.
David Vaughan writes:
"...Second, a new giant iceberg has calved from the Larsen Ice Shelf. The iceberg measures 78 km x 37 km, an area of 2400 km2 (roughly the size of Oxfordshire) and around 200 m thick. It will probably be designated A25 by the America Joint Ice Center in Washington who routinely name icebergs..."
I'm glad to see that we Americans are demonstrating our vigilance and keeping up with our British colleages in science by coming up with *yet another* creative name for an iceberg that so aptly captures that special majesty that accompanies a great "calving event". Who could have suspected that "A" and "25" could have been united to form such a splendid name: ... so much... packed into so small a package: "A25"....

Well, I say to you, my world-wide internet colleages, that should the world ever collapse into the great spasm of Global Warming... a great catastrophe that could descend upon ice shelves worldwide (not to mention the other problems that would accompany such a calamity)... you can then count on your American colleagues to "step up to the plate" (as they say in baseball) and provide that special creativity needed to name each, and every, berg that should grace the satellite Ops photos for years.... Yes, there is much more to be found where that apt phrase "A25" came from... You can count on us!